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Hi, I am Jeffrey Cording, an IFBB, Body Building Pro and this is my wife Amanda, an IFBB Bikini Pro.   Of-course, we weren’t born this way.  I was previously suffering from obesity and hypertension, prior to getting myself in the best shape of my life.    I always wanted to be a body builder, and I needed help!   

I hired an IFBB Pro Body Builder to coach me and assist me with my plan. Just so you understand Body building has an amateur level and a professional level. NPC is the amateur athletes and IFBB is the professional athletes. Have you ever heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is an IFBB God. 

Without a Coach and Mentor, I would not be where I am today.

I started BIGGAINZFITNESS.COM to provide coaching, mentorship and value packed services, such as meal plans, workout plans and online coaching.   

I am ready to help inspiring bodybuilders, or  anyone that is ready to transform their body and improve their life by putting in the time and work to see BIGGAINZ’s!

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Thanks, Jeff.




Work 1 on 1 with me – Jeff Cording, IFBB Pro.   Lets Crush those goals!   I will give you expert and guided workout plans, meal plans, and tips and tricks for bodybuilding or how to quickly transform your body.


After a full assessment, I will give you a custom workout plan to transform body according to your goals.   As you goals are met, we will continue to customize your workout routine for maximum results.


80% of the Game is Diet.  I will customize your meal plan according to your body and your goals.  Whether it is Bodybuilding or just a complete body transformation.  I have you covered every step of the way.




$39 INitial consultation With Jeff Cording, IFBB PRo